International Students Relocation Barcelona – ISR Barcelona - offers welcome services for international students who want to settle into the bustling city of Barcelona easily, quickly and safely.

We put our experience, knowledge and contacts to work to ensure that international students receive the personalised support they require.

We know the city extremely well and are also keenly aware of international students’ needs. We ourselves have been foreign students in other countries and we have experienced what it is like to study away from home.

Remember that at ISR Barcelona we don’t offer:

  • Legal services (regarding visas or other administrative procedures).
  • Advice regarding scholarships and funding.
  • Advice regarding the specific academic procedures of each university.
  • A “bodyguard” service during your stay in the city.
Imma Garcia

Meet our Director

I studied English literature and language, as well as marketing, in Barcelona. After working for more than 15 years as Director in the admissions departments of various universities, I have gained a clear insight into the difficulties that international students face when they arrive in our country.

My specific mission is to ensure that everything runs smoothly when these young students arrive and that they are able to enjoy an international experience without facing the obstacles that often arise. I too was a student in a foreign country and have experienced these difficulties first-hand.


Director of ISR Barcelona